Non-techie friend: Does Blu-ray Compact disc will be blue in color or contains blue films ( In India we use blue films to refer porn movies ) ?

Me: :/

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    Blue movie = porn...where does that term come from?
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    I'm really not sure about that. May be people used to have sex during night times., which is absent of light, but still the presence of moon light. Moon is in blue color, so light is a bit bluish.

    They make porn films under that light, So I guess people use to refer them as blur films.
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    the pornographic term "blue movie" does have something to do w/ color....or actually, the lack of it. Pornography in it's earliest days was very hard to make, film producers had to be very clandestine with their undeveloped product and budgets were nearly non-existant. 

    So quick, cheap ways to develop black and white film often produced a movie with a bluish color tint to the film. Often shown late at night in stodgy seedy movie houses, **** audiences viewed the cheap bluish films....and coined the name "blue movie" to cheap **** films.
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    Thanks!You made me learn something. I just checked, and the term is mentioned on wikipedia, but no article on it yet. There's your moment to shine;) @wildgoosecsharp
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    no worries
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    You said it all!
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