How surprising is it when a person designs code in a very clear and impressive structure and just when you think about asking them for guidance, they reveal themselves to be complete turds?

I've been working with this person's "infra" code, at work. I've rewritten some classes to use their infra. I had a vague idea of how the classes work. I had no idea of how their code works. Expectedly, there were some issues but now only minor ones remain.
I asked them for a description of what I'm supposed to do for the few bugs I'm facing. They replied in such a condescending tone, it made me want to punch them through the screen.
Almost a month later, we're still going back and forth with emails. I've been swallowing it and responding calmly. I never got direct answers. Always deflections to irrelevant things or veiled insults. I took it because they did correct one silly error of mine that actually my code reviewer should've caught. (What's worse is that it got introduced by me just before my review and commit.)
But does that give them the right to insult me in front of the whole team including my project manager? I got a reply today from them with everyone of note in cc implying very clearly that I have not done any work. They highlighted a line from my code with some todo tag (that was not meant for them) to make their invalid point. A line that's unrelated to the bug I asked them about. This is after I proved them wrong when they insisted that I had done something wrong about a feature related to the bug.

If you don't understand what I asked for fucking ask me to ask again. But do not fucking try establish yourself on higher ground by pointing out irrelevant things in my code.
I was shocked and enraged that they'd do such a thing. I double checked everything like a mad man. Despite knowing that the fix has to come from them, I was instantly transported to the noob stage, grasping at straws. I wanted to send a really scathing reply right away but my manager asked me to wait.

My mind is now a see saw shifting between a panicked noob questioning every fucking thing I ever did in my nada life and a hungry enraged monster looking to maul that fucking shithead for burning me like that.

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    Got a couple people like that myself. Linux sysadmin who looks down his nose at me for not being educated, constantly insinuating towards me being stupid even when we're face to face. I know you're main branch and I'm side branch of the company, but guess which one is raking in the dough and getting shit done while you sit on your hands as means of trying to keep up!?

    Concept creator who comes rushing to IT at the last possible second going "oh BTW I need this, this and this done by Friday" at least in this case we can shrug and go “take it with our teamlead for time allocation", feels good :-)

    Worst is someone trying to shift blame on me saying "oh we talked about this the other day, why didn't you fix it?" With my manager on CC. Motherfucker, I was on vacation that day!

    Anyway, that's enough from me, good luck dealing with yours! Hope they get what's coming!
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    @ArcaneEye no they won't get anything. Far higher up in hierarchy and experience.

    Your situation sucks too. I don't get how skilled people can't be humble. Even if you can't be humble, you should try to at least be polite. Maybe it's an ego thing.
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