Coworker: hey can you do this?

Me: sure *couple hours later* it's done.

Coworker several hours later: that thing you did completely changed. Can you update it?

*checks the platform we use so non devs can create web pages* All of my code was erased and I have to restart and add even more functionality. Why the actual fuck would you hire web developers if you're just going to have other employees use a poorly built tool to build pages. Every fucking time something breaks in the shitty fucking app, I have to fix it. Or if it doesn't do some crazy functionality, I have to hack code in there to do it in the ugliest way. Fuck tools like this. Fuck companies who make money off of these tools/use these tools. And fuck the developers who make these shitty tools that give real web developers so much frustration.

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    "why would you code that? I can just point, drag, drop and click it here."
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    Well like you said you have to hack the way, maybe those who did that product had to hack too. Never underestimate anyone mate
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    @Letmecode. It's a third party platform that I in no way worked on at all. I only provide solutions to get around how bad of a tool it is. Seems pretty different to me.
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    @Letmecode lol you're right. I should just refuse to do it and get fired.
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