So you are having a conversation about relationships, breakup etc with your friend on WhatsApp.
Then you instantly see a tinder ad on the first YouTube video you play.
Coincidence or something else ? 🤔
(Every one has some similar experiences i, I bet)

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    @linuxxx what do you have to say?
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    @ceee They officially can't access content but let's look at some facta:

    - owned by facebook.
    - they store metadata and don't protect it much.
    - Facebook (and thus WhatsApp) is integrated within the biggest mass surveillance program ever created.
    - the app is closed source.
    - the co-founder of WhatsApp recently left Facebook over a disagreement with zuck and another high ranking Facebook person because he couldn't agree on weakening the encryption for commercial purposes.

    Not saying it's backdoored or anything because I can't prove that but just look at the facts and that should tell you something :)
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    @linuxxx they sure do,...thanks 😬
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    Seeing a tinder ad somewhere does not count as evidence of anything.
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    @electrineer as a coincidence ? 🤣
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    It's called confirmation bias.
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    @hashedram asking, if it is a coincidence or something else doesn't mean I have confirmation bias.
    Had I said "this proves they steal data or something" that's confirmation bias.
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    @ceee the Google definition is a bit snarky.

    Confirmation bias is the tendency to interpret information in such a way that is in favour of previously held beliefs or events.

    If a tinder as had played at any other time it would've seemed normal. Since it played at the time of the chat, the brain interprets a causative relationship with the previous recent event.

    So it definitely is an example of conf bias and there's nothing wrong with that, it's how every brain works.
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    @ceee just text in WhatsApp that you found a boyfriend. You'll see if you get a wedding agency ad
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    @afanneau 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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