We keep ranting about managers, here is something good about mine. He increased my salary a 100% of my current. Which is freaking awesome.

That's all have a good day. ☺️

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    @electric-ghost Not evil at all. The feeling is awesome.✌️☺️
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    Mine got ^ by 6%. I am so jealous of you
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    Had mine hourly rate upped by 1 USD every 6 months, feels really great as you yourself see that you are rising and people notices you!
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    @858master noo
    It got increased by 6%
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    @858master my whole life is a joke.

    ^ is a joke
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    @MacDev That's terrific , congrats 😄

    But I can't help and wonder if you were massively underpaid before the bump or your manager REALLY values you 🤔😄
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