Why would someone want to use a mechanical keyboard instead of Apple Magic keyboard ?

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    Why would anyone use Apple Magic keyboard when you can use trusty Thinkpad keyboard with trackpoint https://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/...
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    @amatrelan having had to work with one of those laptops, I would pick the apple keyboard here.

    But not before a mechanical keyboard, simply because I like to feel the pain of my strokes 1 key at a time, and you know any product with “magic” in it is never going to live up to expectations of being magical.
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    @C0D4 now is my 6th Thinkpad and never got any problems with them (except some Linux problems). First one was t41 what actually still worked two mouth ago when i send it to recycle. Battery was only thing that was dead but otherwise totally ok and working. And keyboard is one of the best keyboards.
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    @amatrelan no offence but that thing looks crappy... Slim keyboards increase my typing speed
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    @ttshivhula Well feel on that keyboard is closer to mechanical than normal. And if speed is factor then throw qwerty keyboard out of window. It's made to be slow.
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    But why mechanical. I just don't understand why it has to be a mechanical keyboard. Slim is great
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    @ttshivhula IMO Slim is only great for look (like most Apple products), but for anything else, no.
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    And I have Macbook Pro myself, and use it every now and then but now I'm not anymore mobile developer so it's gradually getting lower and lower when I boot that. I don't mean it's bad but I'm more happy with Thinkpad and that's my own personal preference.
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    @ttshivhula I'd say it's up to personal preferences.
    Among the advantages of mechanical keyboards are things like tactile and auditive feedback when pressing the key, if you want. There are different switches with different properties (clicky, tactile or linear if you don't want tactile or auditive feedback)
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    The newer MacBook keyboards suck donkey balls. The don't last very long because using tactile switches in a keyboard is just a stupid idea.
    Louis Rossmann can tell you a story on his YT channel.
    I personally think that mechanical keyboards, even if somewhat noisy, give the best feeling for typing.
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