It's me or everyone feels windows7 is the best os that ever released by Microsoft

P.S windows 10 sucks... In my pc , I don't know about other high end pc

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    By “The best” you mean the least awful? Then probly yea
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    No. It's only you that feels that way.
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    I am still using windows 7 on my pc just because i hate win 10 updates ><
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    With W7 you have at least a bit more control of your own PC.
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    Win10 telemetry and other bullshit just drives me up a wall
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    Performance is better for me on windows 10. Also most stuff like printerd install on their own
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    Nah its just you, 7 is shit
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    Windows XP...
    I don't understand why :
    Xp: 200mhz cpu, 64mb ram
    Windows 10: dual core, 3gb ram (minimum)

    Android 4: single core, 256mb ram
    Android 8: quad-core, 3gb ram

    And the sistems didn't change all that much... Do they really must have tons of services and shit that wasn't necessary a few years ago?
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    Win-7 is great, yeah. MS had a tradition where every other Windows version would suck, but they abandoned that after Win-8 (which sucked) so that it's now into the eversuck.
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    Windows 98 was good. Windows 2000 was good. Windows ME was not very good although that experience was tainted by the deathstar harddisks. Windows xp I skipped. Windows Vista was so so, it worked for my purposes. Windows 7 was good. Windows 10 is good.

    I've had some issues with each of these, but replacing some hardware each upgrade fixed that.
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    I had a windows 10 laptop. I was using it for more than a year. It was so lagging. Pc gets laggy during running. My laptop specs 940m 4g , 4gb ram, i5 last generation.

    Any ways couple of days before I gave my laptop for service and I borrowed my friends lap for a couple of days until my lap gets ready. It was a low spec pc installed with win 7.

    I just fell in love with. Easy Ram management. Easy to switch between applications.

    In the end... I love windows 7
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    @sathya741 mmm, last I used Windows 7 was on a hex core, i5 would have been an upgrade, with 8gb ram, it was useless, I was actually about to buy another 8gb to try and save its from its inability to be used, then Windows 8 came out, and it was 10% of the cost of the ram, which I never bought, it became unessesary, windows 8 used 70% less disk space and at boot only used 2-2.5gb ram whereas 7 would easily chow 5-6gb. Got even better at 10.

    I used to have to format and reinstall 7 at least 4 to 5 times a year just to clean out the crap, on my current pc I'm running the same. Installation of Windows that was installed 2.5 year ago, it has not slowed down a drop, never even crashed.
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    @RTRMS My Win-7 is idling around at 2.5 GB RAM usage with Vivaldi, Thunderbird and media player open. 8 GB would be totally fine, though I have 16 GB in my 8 year old hex core.

    Reinstall? Never in 8 years. Runs like a charm.
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    I had a terrible lag on my windows 10. Went to settings and turned off cortana all together. Turned out the hotword detection for 'Hey Cortana' was using ton of resources.

    Now every click works within 5 seconds...
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