I'll be moving to a new job soon. Myself and a colleague are working on a new feature before I leave. He's building an IoT device, i'm doing the backend work. Were testing a "ping" style system, where his IoT device replies to a message from the backend.

The JSON payload he's sending is {traitor: true}

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    Id laugh it off and implement something that causes the entire back end to fuck itself 3 days after you leave lol
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    @Stuxnet ah its only a joke / prank, were friends. I'm not getting bent out of shape over it, its pretty funny. I just need to plan my revenge. Crippling the server isn't something I want to do. i'm in more of a "installing fartscroll.js" kind of mood
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    TheDailyWTF had a "disgruntled employee" contest a couple of years ago, where you'd send in code a laid off developer could write before leaving.

    An honourable mention was a single liner in C# to redefine String.Empty as a whitespace.
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