So the contract for this big project with a client has some interesting content in it. I'm not sure if I can sign this in good faith.

Because I seem to be lacking guard dogs and a receptionist at my home office. Maybe I could build a force field for them.

And I'm not really looking forward towards having all my friends sign a document every time they visist.

5.1 Adequate physical security perimeters (e.g. fences, walls, barriers, guards, gates, electronic surveillance, physical authentication mechanisms, reception desks and security patrols) shall be implemented to safeguard Information and information systems.

5.2 Supplier shall have a documented visitor policy and all visitors must be identified, registered, logged, and accompanied by an employee from Supplier.

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    Someone definitely copied and pasted this shit from somewhere else.

    Or they don't understand how freelancing works.
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    @Stuxnet yeah I don't know.

    Maybe I can promote one of my cats to guard cat. Give him an uniform and hope that in combination with the fact that my house has walls I quallify enough for point 5.1.
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