Yep, IntelliJ is definitely worth $60/month. Look at this feature where it can’t create a java class.

Seriously, if I am paying money for this, it shouldn’t perform worse than a free IDE. Are you sure you IntelliJ fans aren’t just experiencing Stockholm Syndrome? Because your IDE is so god awful it’s sad.

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    thank you, finally someone else
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    Have you tried running it on anything else than Windows 95? 😏
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    @JoshBent that’s Windows 7 actually. It’s a work workstation.
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    never seen that error 😐
    - best case: nuke .idea folder in your project and reimport the project
    - worst case: if the previous solution does not work reinstall IDEA and check for bad sectors/blocks on your HDD/SSD
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    @D3add3d it ended up being a JDK update that software services pushed the night before.
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    @deusprogrammer ah, yes... JetBrains always needs a week or two(or a month) to update IDEA to work with latest JDK
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    @D3add3d I mean, it was just JDK 1.8. The Eclipse install survived. I ended up having to add vmoptions to the command line for ignoring trailing slashes.
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