Hey guys what do you think about codenvy?
Looks interesting for web development

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    It was a long time ago, but I had tons of issues with eclipse che, I think it got better since, but if code envy is based on it and you plan on selfhosting it, that can end in a very bad evening wasted
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    Nah just want to use their services online
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    Looks more interesting then VPS... You basicly can have one VPS with 3gb or two with 1.5gb... I don't get it... What's the limitations? Anyone know more about codenvy.io?
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    Denitly the best VPS for testing and development...
    Can have one, two, thee VPS... The limit is the 3gb vRam that is shared And if you exit the VPS will close in 10m.
    Also will go offline (no good to deploy web pages, great to develop them and them copy everything to your Webserver)
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