I remember being a TA for an intermediate java class. I tried helping as many people as I could, but some of them were doomed. Their code looked like it was written by Satan himself. I would try explaining why their code was bad, but it was like speaking another language (no pun intended). It was also the first class where people needed to use git... I don't need any more explanation there.

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    Damn you were actually present? Our TA never showed up. He just graded the daily assignments and projects.

    Would've helped to have him when we were doing the daily assignments. The poor professor was strung all over the classroom trying to help everyone he could.
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    Haha yeah. But only one day of the week. The class was one project split up into several modules. You'd have to push code up to a pipeline that runs unit tests for grading. That instructor was great. He actually cared about his students and made the class pretty realistic. It's a big jump from the previous courses because the other professors teach software development practices from the 90's (I wish I was kidding) so a lot of people end up struggling.
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    This professor made the class as realistic as possible.

    Our last two projects consisted of using a .txt file with 58k TSV values. It was movies and related information.

    We had to make a filter that would display results. One was list all movies, list movies in a year range, list movies based on all the parameters and so on.

    Another was a fuck ton of if, else and else if statements dealing with a system to determine if a student would be accepted into a university or not.
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