Instead of asking how old people are, how about this:

Post the specs of the first computer you regularly used. I will start.

Tandy 1000 SX. Not one, but TWO 5 1/4" floppy drives. An 8088 CPU and 640K of RAM. The operating system was MS-DOS 3.2, which was always in the A: drive.

We used it to make papers for school in Wordstar, and my parents made spreadsheets in Lotus 1-2-3. We learned to type on it. We played Space Quest, King's Quest, Carmen Sandiego, and Lords of Conquest on it. We transcribed BASIC programs from the, "BASIC Training" column in 3-2-1 Contact magazine.

We LOVED that computer.

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    The first Pc I used a lot was a DOS PC on which I played Jazz Jack Rabbit, Number Hunt.
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    amiga 500
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    First programming toy: a Zx spectrum 48k.
    First real pc: Schneider EuroXT, a 8080. Later upgraded to an AT, with 128k expansion and external hard drive (10mb).
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    A random, pieced together computer with an Intel core 2, 512mb of ram, 8gb storage, and windows XP. Also the case was made of Lego.
    Probably the newest computer in this comments section.
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    Atari ST. And my school used Turbo Pascal 3.0, which needed DOS, but there was PC-Ditto, an XT emulator. With a Norton factor of 0.33, which means that an XT was three times faster! That taught me efficient programming.

    The other nice thing about this setup was that I discovered endianess by the hard way.
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    @electric-ghost Yes and no. On the Atari ST, I did only Pascal and then C. But during my studies, I had a big project with a non-linear filter bank that I implemented in Matlab and then ported to a 56k DSP - the assembly was just as nice as you'd expect from Motorola.
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    Win 2000,
    750mhz or something similar,
    256mb ram
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