Just got pitched an idea to make an app that scans food and tells you what it is. It's supposed to be like Shazam but for food… sounds familiar?

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    Not hot dog
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    New food Shazam
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    @Stuxnet damn you beat me to it 😂
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    "NO, that is a very boring work"

    Mother fuck
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    Get to scraping for food pics.

    Don't let those Standford cunts steal your idea though!!
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    Sounds like Bixby Vision on the s9/s9+

    It can also scan different Kind of drinks, it can also say you the year and more Info about a wine that you scan.... It has problems with this but mist of the time it works.
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    Im sure Google lens can do that already 😂
    Sorry pal, if it can be recognized by ML, Google probably did it already haha
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    Amazon go?
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    @Kimmax It can - but it's not that great yet.

    It got French fries almost correct... Suggested potato wedges.

    Didn't recognize fried chicken.
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