Keyboard question,
Ive been looking for a new keyboard for a while, im currently using some wireless HP membrane keyboard, no idea of the model.

I stumbled upon a Corsair Gaming K70 LUX RGB MX Silent.
Anyone have experience with this keyboard? Is it silent as the name indicates?

I really cant make up my mind if i should buy it. Its price is lowered 33% this weekend, but my current keyboard functions just fine. Usually id say i shouldnt, but a part of me wants to. Im split in half xD

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    I got the same model as @Artemix with MX Speed switches. Like she said, great keyboard overall, but keep in mind that a mechanical keyboard will always be more noisy than a membrane one.

    That being said, I do recommend it for the build quality and typing pleasure.
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    @Artemix the thing is, i hate the clicks and love the rgb :i

    @Jilano recommend the one you got, or the one i thought of buying?
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    @JiggleTits The keyboard in itself is the same, but for the switches in themselves, I suggest trying them out at a store or friends' house if you can. It really depends from person to person.

    For example, I chose the MX Speed because I wanted the smallest actuation distance while keeping mechanical reactivity and feel.
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    @Jilano ah, makes sense.
    I think im gonna end up ordering the keyboard i mentioned. If im not happy with it, i got 14 days to return it, which should be more than enough when it takes only a day or less to test.
    Thanks for your replies :)
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    I figured out i probably feel like buying the keyboard because its only on sale this weekend, so i think im just gonna keep my good ol' one :P
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    @JiggleTits if you hate clicks and love rgb try Logitech g213. It's a membrane keyboard and comparatively cheaper too
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    @YourNemesis that goes onto the "im probably gonna buy that at some point"-list.
    Thank you :)
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    Got a regular k70 myself, it's great.
    The keys are quite noisy
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    @lotd is your name short for Lord of The Dongs?
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    @JiggleTits No.
    What makes you think that?
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    @lotd my name :)
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