Taking advantage of the situation, when does a project need a js framework? 🤔

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    "You are the framework of my language"

    -Hows that?

    "You make it easier for me"

    Just my 2 cents《
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    When you start it.
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    In my opinion and based on my own work related situations: when it is a huge monolithic application that already has a fuckload of regular views patterns with no API.

    In which case I mean any app that has no API. At least for me the 3 main frameworks work exclusively upon the idea of an API being used(as in the app having microservices) I am not afraid to say that I see no point in including react or angular in something that does not make use of jwt auth, apis etc.

    Someone with other views on this regard please share your opinions, I am open to being corrected on this regard.
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    I'm a c guy. I would never do anything except reinvent the wheel a million times over. JS frameworks seem like a bloated waste of time to me, every time. Especially since JS is such a braindead-easy language.
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    Takes 10min to put up a Vue project from scratch with routing and vuex, why not?
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