Someone just offered me a position at Microsoft. Had to decline it, I'm not desperate enough to use Windows again.

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    Are you sure the job implied that you couldn't use Linux or Mac and that you had to use Windows? Not every person at Microsoft has to be running Windows in fact teams making iOS apps and Mac apps and the like would have to use Mac.
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    The pretentiousness of this one is strong...
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    @johnfoobar, I'm pretty sure it implied Windows. They were looking for someone with experience deploying large size solutions on Windows servers. I spent 8 years of my life working at a company which was a Microsoft partner. The day I left I made myself promise I'll never touch a windows server again. 5 years and I still keep that promise.
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    yeah better to leave that place for someone who will love it
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    @nuts, yep! I'm sure someone will gladly take it :)
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