Having to argue with team members inside my head.

I have a one-man startup, so I have all these imaginary team members who specialise in different things so that I can concentrate on whatever I am doing for that day.
But it seems my developer side of me hates the manager and UX designer these days for making changes half way through the project.

Oh yeah, and my accountant side thinks I'm spending too much. Fuck you, I needed that money.

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    ...and so he began the journey to Dissociative Identity Disorder
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    a normal day at work for me.

    the developer wants to redo everything with a new framework and fresh start; the UX designer is excited about a possibility of a cleaner admin interface; the accountant tells me i am running out of money to feed everyone; the project manager wants everyone to reuse code from a previous project and wrap the project up within the next 48 hours...

    the dev thinks he can reimplement everything in the new framework if the pm can shut up for the next 72 hours but he is now very hungry because the accountant refused to fund for the meals while he reimplement from scratch...
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    are you from my head?
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    @Yahoo maybe we share it as a coworking space
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