Building web applications with Java technologies

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    I'm sorry for you.
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    @krister-alm what do you suggest?
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    @groot Anything but Java. Even C# is bettet, although not so much.
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    @krister-alm why? I think spring boot is great
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    I use Java EE and JPA for Backend (Angular for Frontend)
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    That's great. I'm using spring MVC, it does a lot of magic. Lol.

    Warning - welcome to the world of countless hours of head banging to figure out some setup that is supposed to be working 😂
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    @creativeJuice Spring MVC is truly amazing.

    I am using the Spring Boot module for a stand-alone app. I'm still learning and trying to understand the whole Spring Framework though. It's quite a handful.
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    @Cthulhu Spring Boot is amazing however, I feel the annotations conceal a lot of functionalities and that can kind of make it a bit tricky to debug.
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    Try vaadin
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    If you don't like spring, there are many other frameworks for java. Just read about micronaut, but didn't get to try it.
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