I come from an older generation where we didn't mention personal lives or politics at work. I can be productive and befriend people that are opposites of me politically, as a matter of fact I kind of like it. My complaint is when tech companies as a whole broadcast their views. They have every right to but does it make good business sense? I am also not comfortable with people broadcasting personal details about their personal lifestyle in a professional setting. I like to be lifestyle and political neutral in business.

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    @Frederick i know. I have had people ask me who I voted for, tell me I look like a vegan, ask me if I am getting a divorce. That is my personal business, no one at work has the right to know about what I do off hours.
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    Ya i dont get the whole ask people about their personal stuff. Most of the time they just get angry or offended anyways.
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    Many tech companies I have admired over the years are broadcasting their political views. I think they should be promoting their product. Even when I agree with what they are posting I think it is a case of not putting customers or even business growth first.
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    Well spoken.
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    it really doesn't make sense. but for some reason everyone's being all, let me shove this down your throat and if you don't like it you're wrong and horrible and we will punish you

    now obey

    it makes the MOST sense in murca, what is freedom again?
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    You can see the backlash that Microsoft is getting today over their immigration stance. Now people are angry that they have gov contracts. They should have stuck to what they are good at.
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    didn't see that one. hilarious.

    what place do they have even voicing their opinion? maybe if affects their biz, but then again, ppl hate lobbying because it's pushing agendas behind closed doors.

    i've had several e-mails this year from corporate asking to call state reps and tell them to vote some way on a bill.

    it gets closer and closer to 180 from the days you talked about where politics wasn't an open topic x-x
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    @zlice yes I remember when politics, religion, and home life were never talked about at work. I think was better times.
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