Soo, i just downloaded unreal engine, let's connect it to clion and write / learn some cpp i guess

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    I haven't touched unreal engine ever. Is it all cpp? If so, I might give it a shot.
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    I've never coded in Unreal. How difficult is it? Because I only know C++ as a cluster fuck of confusion.
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    @Marl3x C++ ain't that bad 😉
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    I used unreal for a bit when I wanted to move on from just building cli applications.

    It's... I'd say it's a mix of some C++, some programming is done in their visual Blueprints, and the rest of your programming work is done in the engine itself. It's kind of a mess IMO but it makes dealing with the engine easier.
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    It clearly looks like a mess for the moment, sorry, didn't touched it before 😂
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