watching CSI:

The cop (watching hacked tv broadcast): "This isn't live, is it?

The hacker girl: "I'll create GUI interface using Visual Basic, see if I can track the IP"

effin' gold, hope that GUI helped her

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    LOL didn’t even answer the question
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    Hope the GUI will be open source.
    Wait a minute... It's VB so i'l take that back.
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    "GUI Interface"? Never wondered what GUI even stands for? Smh
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    > GUII

    > VB

    > IP

    bitch no.
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    Yah old but still I remember that part when someone comes up with it again...
    I would unsdettand if she said I'll make a script to find his ip.

    Something I'll never understand... A movie/TV-show costs millions... Don't they have like 10k or 20k to hire some experts?
    We see it in hacking but also :
    Most medical shows
    Most cop shows
    Any action movie where guns have 2000 rounds clip
    Well... Tell me a show that is accurate and isn't full of such mistakes and I'll aplaude the producer for hiring experts for advice.
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    Ps: Commando and Rambo 2 had infinite ammo ....
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    haha I can just imagine her asking "Mack, do we want radio buttons or check boxes on this GUI?" as she waits for Visual Studio to finish updating...
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    May the GUI be with you
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    I actually had a friend called Gui...
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    I think that the tech advisory team of tv shows/ movies do this intentionally to screw the writers
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    Are you talking about this one? 🙏🏻
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