I would be totally surprised with starting at 4 and stopping at 6!

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    Ooh I Wana learn about perl now
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    PS: StarWars[7] and onwards have large regions of garbage values, looks like they allocated them improperly.
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    Windows is in between :')
    98 xp 7 vista 8 8.1 10
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    Although they don't really start at 1 in LUA
  • 2
    I'd be totally ok with StarWarsArray 😂😂😇
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    @b3b3 ?? I used lua like twice and im pretty sure they do (its the reason I used lua like twice)
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    May the offset be with you.
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    Find a Smalltalk logo and put it next to Lua and Scratch. The one from Pharo or Squeak should do.
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