Got a Nintendo switch today. Could not be happier.

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    Fortnite is very good on switch
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    ...I’m considering getting one for Smash...
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    Obviously you have no time to answer anymore. Probably kickin Moblin ass in Hyrule...

    Have fun.
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    @LeFlawk Gyro is really the second best input method for shooters right after keyboard + mouse. Doom, although 30 fps, controls really awesome. Bow aiming in BotW is even nicer. There are some smaller games which implement it too like the roguelite "Immortal Redneck".

    I really don't get why it is not more widespread, given that the Dualshock controller on PS4 has it too.
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    If you like metroidvania, check out hollow knight, its awesome.
    Also dead cells are coming this fall on switch
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    @ZoLe Seriously, that was the best announcement to me at E3. Even better was: Available now!

    After a long period of waiting.
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    Try Hollow Knight
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    Good choice, my dude.
    (play splatoon with me, pls)
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    I love my Switch so much.

    Get Hollow Knight
    Get Ocotopath Traveler (or at least try the demo)

    Get obvious Nintendo first party IPs.

    It's like the perfect console for taking breaks on long code sprees.
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