*knock knock*
SIR do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior the WINDOWS UPDATE?
"uhm no sorry I'm busy"
*sees a bulldozer in the background*
"what the .."
SIR just let him in your heart and feel his security patches drive your vulnerabilities away!!
"but the rendering hasn't finished ye.."
TOO LATE SIR, green light fellas let's do this
*bulldozer destroys my house and i wake up, sweating*

*hugs laptop*
"Oooh Ubuntu my baby I've missed you soo much!"
*wayland crashes*

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    Thanks! I never thought ill feel so productive just by scrolling the feed @Floydian
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    Ubuntu was my first distro and I feel very loyal to it. I occasionally try other new and unique distros and right now I'm awestruck by nitrux os. Ill try centOS sometime; thanks for the tip mate @oudalally
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