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    You do know Powershell can be colored?
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    ppl dont care about facts when bashing MS ;-)
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    @Mitiko Not just powershell through standard prompt can be too! It just isn't by default.
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    @Mitiko I do know that now, though I didn't before I started using Linux
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    No viruses. Nice joke
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    Colors are nice, but what I love about the virtual terminal and the X-based terminal emulators is that they are all just alternatives to access an extremely flexible, open system with an open standard.

    I have only opened powershell a couple times-- usually following directions from how-to-geek for disabling some Windows annoyance --but it really doesn't look like you can use it to open CLI-based apps that Microsoft didn't write. If that is true, then that's all the convincing I need.
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    Every character cell stores its own color in low and high part of byte for background and foreground, there's only 16 colors.
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    To be fair: putty, secureCRT, mingw, teraterm, and every other ssh/telnet/rlogin client for windows shows all the colors just fine too.
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    Colors work perfectly fine I'm the default CMD. I have it setup to be black text in white background be default, which messes up some programs that change the text color but not the background. White on white is quite difficult to read.
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