*Wakes up*
*Message from aunt*
Aunt: Hey sweety I can't find this movie anywhere on the internet plz use ur cyber superpowers and help me thx
Aunt: *Link to the movie's trailer on Youtube*
*Clicks link*
*Scrolls down*
Youtube comment: *Link to the movie*
*Copies and pastes to aunt*
Aunt: omg thxxx <3
*Goes back to sleep*

Because why even try when you can ask your nephew to do it for you?

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    A lot of people have difficulty in comprehending the internet, you know. Our level of comfort with technology is, statistically speaking, pretty uncommon.

    Why didn't you just tell your aunt that you can usually find links in YouTube comments?
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    @RememberMe Whenever this kind of thing happened with any relative, I'd try to explain to them that it's really simple and they can do it themselves. But they'd never listen, and would always come back to me with the same things. I guess I just gave up at this point - realized it's not worth the effort.

    And yes, it'd make sense if my aunt and the rest of my family just didn't understand the intenet. But after knowing them for so long and seeing how they use the internet every day, I've become quite certain that they're mostly just too lazy to try doing it themselves.
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