I don't get the hype about graphQL...it seems to be impossible to query over a structure with a deep of n levels (use it for a topology manager). In order to get the 5th sub-element you really need to specify the entire 5 sub-levels in your query...Why? Just the fuck why?

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    Apparently people want to make the clients more responsible, let them query what they want rather than server giving them everything, server maintaining light weight APIs or server maintaining APIs for different client versions.. basically maintainence nightmare vs ease of usability pick what you want..
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    @groot i would love to give the Clients more flexibility to let them search what they want
    ..but this is exactly the problem. I thought with graphql you easily can offer this...but no...
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    A single unified, typed, testable, maintainable, self documenting, declarative end point. It simplifies front end dev tremendously.

    This is a pretty specific use case, so sure one tech isn't going to be great for everything, but most of the rest time it tidies up front end dev a heck of a lot.
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