I own a team and for every task given they take a lot more time than me and i end up doing it myself what should i do?

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    Give them training and mentoring so they can become better.
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    Been there, i feel you.

    I was a team lead back then.

    It was pain in the ass in the beginning to train them, but once they get it you can just sit and ask for some progress report 🤣

    And then quit because i was fed up with meetings
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    This is something you should be asking them. Asking it online before asking them, is tbh a piss poor example of team management and denotes a lack of trust and communication
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    @hashedram other side of it might be i would not want to demotive them by tagging them slow
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    @falmesino yes i also get frustrated with meeting i loved the days when i took a definition and start coding and produce something working out of it.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 point noted ✌️
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