Im finding parts for my brothers new pc, and i really think that Ryzen 5 2600X is a great choice.
But then one of his friends said that Intel is better for gaming, and suggested an i7-8700k.

The price difference doesnt mean much, my brother just wants whats best for gaming, and now im starting to doubt my own decision.

Which CPU would you think is better for gaming only?
Literally gaming only, not even school . Its only gaming.

Lets not start a war, i just want pros/cons, straight up facts or your experience with either :)

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    Didn't they just release a new wave of Ryzen CPUs? As a shameless Intel fanboy I'd recommend considering that i7, but from what I've seen, the Ryzen CPUs can hold their own against Intel i series, which have earned them enough to be worthy for consideration in my eyes.
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    Honestly, the difference in performance is not really noticeable, just pick one that has a sale or some extra goodies added
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    I guess its all about preference.

    My brother saw a video where they compared the 2600X and 8700k, and the Ryzen occasionally dropped a few fps, while the intel maintained a high fps.

    Idk tho. I still see pros and cons
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    I'd go for intel this time, just because I keep meeting walls with AMD. Like no virtual device in Android Studio because of some exclusive architecture in Intel's CPU's. But then again, I don't know what an Intel user might miss out on.

    I think perhaps he should be asking himself things like "am I JUST going to game, or do I want to steam too? Etc. Really stop saying he's only going to game on it, then Google based on reality.
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    @Skriptkiddy it is really just gaming for him, everything else is just a plus.
    I was like "But what about two monitors?", he didnt care, he just want full performance for games on 1 monitor.
    I find it weird
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    What I would recommend just go on pcpartpicker builds enter budget and find a build that ur brother likes.
    Don't overpay on the processor pair a i5 with 1060 and rest with i7
    Don't get the k version and opt for the model with best raining usually mid tier.
    I would not recommend ryzen for gaming only because u don't profit from more then 4 cores in gaming.
    If he want to stream or code get a ryzen
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    @noogli he likes to stream, money isnt an issue. He plan on getting 1080 and Ryzen 5 or i7
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    @JiggleTits whatAFuckingPsycopath.run = now;

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    @noogli good point. And with an AMD card he can run OBS Studio from that instead of the CPU.
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    @Skriptkiddy with Nvidia he can use Shadowplay which I prefer :)
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    @noogli I'm not sure how I feel about that. I can only envision it looooves eating resources.
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    @Skriptkiddy @noogli you can use radeon relive on amd cards, really similar to shadowplay, for me its ~2 fps less and obs is ~10 or so.
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    @JiggleTits if that 1x monitor is an old-ass 17-19" monitor (or worse a CRC minitor) then I think you should do an intervention and recommend he seeks professional help because THAT is not normal.
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    @theKarlisK its a 1080p 24" 144hz monitor, less than a year old :P
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