Why is React.js so hard to learn for someone from a JAVA back end background? I'm constantly asking myself "so should I set param as string? or int? Array? so many methods that's returning html tags! what collects all and makes it appear at WHERE??"

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    I think React is hard to learn. Period.
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    Vue ftw!
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    React is nice!
    It's a little unintuitive at first, but once you get past that it's really pretty simple to use.

    Best advice I can give: stop thinking in data types. It will only unnecessarily complicate things. (and they don't exist anyway)

    Second best: the entire react app is a single DOM tree comprised entirely of components whose markup is determined by their render() methods. Everything else is just decoration.
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    @LastDigitOfPi how did you know that I just skimmed through it ?
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    @stacked those people who say its easy is just bluffing am i right
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    @Root the second part really helped. Thanks !
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    Learn it with typescript. But before that learn 'normal' es6. Helped me a lot
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    @busybeemel 😊 I'm glad!
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    @musician agree, TypeScript is easier to get used to if you come from a Java background. If you later get to dive into the compiled code it will just require fewer time to get used to the lack of types in JS.
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