me, first job interview:
interviewer: so how about your knowledge of java
me: yeah, done some projects, should be ok
interviewer: what about polymorphism in java, can you tell me sth about it?
me (thinking i'm totally right): hehe, you can't do polymorphism in java!

guess what, didnt get the job :D

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    Why you answered like that? Weren't you aware or...?
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    Well at least you won't be working with java
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    @arazzz i was thinking of multiple inheritance, the young me must have mixed up the meanings in his head :D
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    @JKyll nope, but I got another job, coding in c# now...
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    @stylefish already sounds like a better job
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    What an easy sounding interview... Where's the binary tree implementation written on a whiteboard with a fading black marker?
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    @Dimmerworld yeah... Those days you got a developer job without giving a shit. More than 10 years ago...
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