At my study's final exams, I coded a system with login and everything included.

Showed it at the final delivery:
Fake client: awesome! So how do I logout?
Me: 😐
Me: 😶
Me: 😁
Me: 😓
Me: 😭

Yeah, you couldn't logout.

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    Oh, I did that too earlier.

    The only problem with that is that a password manager without logout button can prove to be slightly problematic.
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    ctrl f5, you built it into the browser
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    @sharktits Literally nobody that isn't sort of "experienced" with tech knows that.
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    You wait until your session/cookie expires 1000 years from now
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    I remember a friend creating a Symfony website with "crypted password and all the stuff (sic)". The thing is, his login system was badly built: you would register and login at the same time, but once you disconnect, you'd have to enter the encrypted password in the password field :')
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    Welcome to Sword Art Online!
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    @AlexDeLarge just call me houdinitits 😎
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    @sharktits i think avm has an job for you.
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    Using AI and Algorithms, the application knows when and how to automatically log inactive users out after a preset user-data-gdpr-safety timeout.
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    How did you call it? Vim? 😂
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    "we have this big red button called Power to log you out"
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    @gurumeditation no its a single sign on principle
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    CTRL + F5 will not delete all cookies and/or local storage. Depending on the implementation, deleting some secret locally isn't enough because a third person could still use it.
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    You gotta delete all your cookies to log out of this system! It’s so you don’t stay logged in to all that other yucky stuff! Just always delete all your cookies when closing your browser and you’re good. It’s a feature.
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    Believe me, you had invented a good feature. 🏆😁

    We don't want you switch the account on same device.
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    You just unplug your wall socket. Easy !!
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    well... you don't run the risk of forgetting a password and not being able to get in 😂
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    Clear cookies? Burn computer?
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    Where are you from? The words you chose lead me to believe you aren't a native English speaker, just curious
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    @TheVariant Netherlands as far as I know.
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    @Kirito-kun this rant is for you, sir. Kirigaya kun. 🤣🤣
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    Did you write it in Vim?
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    @JakeHL NetBeans :)
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    @TheVariant The Netherlands. Not a native speaker but I've been talking English mostly all day for about 6 years now.
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    @linuxxx Awesome, I love to meet people from Europe, I've been learning Swedish and Russian on my own, I was debating Danish or German after Russian, (gonna minor in Russian at university starting this fall), so it's cool to see other multilinguists
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    @Drillan767 isn't authentication built into symphony?
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    @Braed yeah, dunno how he managed to fuck this up 😂
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