Below is conversion in our organization between a developer and a manager....

Dev: "I don't know how Mac book pro touchscreen is implemented. Totally, awesome creation!!"

Manager: "It's quite simple!!! As long as you have huge RAM available, you can create anything. It's just man-made"

Ho**Sh*t...he sounds like only RAM is enough.... F*** manager....

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    He meant rammstein
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    MacBook touchscreen? 🤔
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    @Snatched he traveled back from the future
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    @Torbuntu du hast!
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    These kind of managers well suited for govt offices and construction/production sites where they scratch their balls for atleast 2 hours and then start listening people and giving answer like above.
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    @Snatched MacBook Pro 2017 has the bar above the keyboard that’s touch. Think he means that.
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    Those ignorant of their subordinates' field should not manage. If someone doesn't know how things work, they cannot lead a team that does.
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