So i made an appointment with the technicians from the Telekom a month ago to connect my new home to the network of my actual provider.

Yesterday, when the appointment was due, no one showed up. As expected sadly.

So i called my provider today and they told me that Telekom cancelled the appointment fucking yesterday morning.

So I'm without internet for the entire week until the next MAYBE appointment. Fucking great.

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    @Alice I'm with EWE on an EWE network, but the previous person which lived here didn't. So of course Telecrap (I'm going to stall this is your don't mind) has to take care of this.

    If this won't work out I'll be demanding money and switch to something DOCSIS based.
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    @Alice if they'd only get their own god damn technicians. I'd do it myself if they'd give me the key for fucks sake.
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    Haha, when i moved 2 weeks i ago, i had the luck of my friend working up at an ISP, he hooked me up wotha free wireless modem untill he routed fiber in my flat. I feel you though, it's ridiculous living without internet
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