Talking with my dad about a program he's been working on at his company. He doesn't work on it directly, he works with parts on the side to show to clients. He's basically a sales rep that shows some cool features.
Me: is this that the program where it converts scanned items into readable text?
Him: yes but it does a little bit more than that.
*promptly goes into detail about how it works*
Basically merges documents together based on some criteria that it needs to meet. There are 5 cases and all of it is coded in sql, the 5 cases aren't coded based upon logic but based on each possible outcome of a scenario. And it would brute force it's way to a solution. The way he explained it made me think it was just mountains of spaghetti code.
I couldn't help but think something like this
It just sounded messy. And I haven't even looked at it.

Me: 😬 why would you design it that way?
Him: because it works.
Me: but the code has to be so unmaintainable
Him: well I don't have to look at it full time.
Me:... (flawless logic... But why¿¡¿¡¿😢)

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