UK definitely has one of the worst mobile networks ever. Completely useless. 4G constantly gets disconnected everywhere

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    I've been in UK for about a week and I was amazed how great your mobile networks are. It's possible to get a connection nearly everywhere. Even the smallest village gets connected.
    And additional to that you will find free wifi in cities wherever you go.
    The phone contracts are cheap (if you don't need to use prepaid) and you'll get a good service.

    I'm from Germany.
    Nealy all communication services are owned by one company (Telekom) which is dictating prices and maximum aviable quality to all competitors. Except for big cities there haven't been any improvements of the cable network for about 10 years. If you are lucky and get any mobile connection in rural area, you still won't be able to use more than EDGE or 1G.
    3G? 4G? ... lol, no!
    And free WiFi? By German law it's always your fault if someone downloads or uploads something illegal on your free WiFi. So...
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    @Anaeijon Great to hear that you're getting good network. My office is in Canning Town which is pretty close to central London. I barely manage to get a 4G connection. Most of the time it switches to 2G :(
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    @tahnik ironically big cities and towns have the most issues since signals struggle through buildings 😂
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    @tahnik I lived in a small village in the Cotswolds and got at least 2G.
    I barely used it, because prepaid is expensive and I could find enough open WiFi connections. But it's allways been a lot better than in Germany.
    We have a bungalow between Brandenburg and Berlin where you barely get any connection at all.
    My parents are trying to get a better cable connection to their house for years now.
    There still is only a old phone wire from the 80s.
    And you always have to use the branded modem/router from the provider if you aren't able to read the codes from these devices with an ISP to put them into your own hardware. The ISPs are offering better modems which will only crash half as often for rent. This rent per year would be pricier than buying the actual device unbranded, but you would still need the code.
    Better ISPs again are only aviable in big cities.

    Your connection might be bad. But it's defiantly not the worst.
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    @Anaeijon oh... sometimes ISP sands for In-System-Programmer and sometimes for Internet-Service-Provider.
    I think you'll figure it out.
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