"I have 4G in my phone"
Me: That's bullshit! We don't have 4G yet in our country.
*Shows me the phone*
"4 GB"

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    That's a lot of RAM for a phone...
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    @Anaeijon My 8 gigs of RAM is too much too?
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    Which country are u in!?
    4G is all over!
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    @Nawap Bengladesh
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    What 4G is like 8 years old now. Everyone is moving to LTE nowadays
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    @jAsE LTE is 4G. Not the otherway around :)
    LTE is the rolling release of 4G.
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    @Noob @jAsE I think there are the initial 4g networks which are quite slow and then there are 4g lte which is much faster. I don't know much about it all I know is that my network said they would switch to LTE and it was gonna be much faster.
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    We have 3g here in Bangladesh. Yet to get 4g by next year. The fella showed me the data pack he bought which was 4GB.
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    @Dacexi, @jAsE indeed 4G was the initial release and LTE was it's upgrade.
    LTE is being upgraded every now and then, thus I called it 'rolling release'.
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