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    Just buy the fucking licence if you use it and earn money with it.
    Otherwise it’s okay, just let it scream ahah
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    @2lazy2debug I'm agree with you haha
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    Buy the license if you use it often and you like this editor otherwise use a free one like VSCode or Atom. And seriousely you have made my day haha (Because the first time I open it and try it I just got the same reaction haha)
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    Why don't everyone just use vscode?
    It's free, open source and better thsn anytging else.
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    @Chlodovechus I think because people don't like Microsoft and they don't even know VSCode is Open-Source. My Back-End Dev showed me this nice editor and since 4 days I work and enjoy it. I use less and less Atom now. And yes VSCode is compatible with Linux,Windows, Mac because it's created with Electron everything is compatible with Electron (not so true) 😅
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    Compared to Jetbrains IDE's it's blazing fast
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    @Chlodovechus first of all you're comparing a text editor to an IDE


    i have a few repositories in sublime text (gigabites) open nonstop for the last 4 years there was never one time an error showed up

    i have one repository in vscode (147mb) and its slow af, like superslow, like "I open vs code and until it opens i am able to work on something else" slow

    atoms installer is 500mb :D please stop talking about lightweight editor for fucks sake

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    @kenogo 😂👌
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    If you have gigs inside 1 repo you either develop everything that runs on the us government datacenter, an entire operating system or you're doing something wrong.
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    @Chlodovechus work stuff, lot of websites, legacy things, i'm not justifying it, i'm complaining about it all the time :) point is vs code has no chance to handle that
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    @kenogo Or use Nano. (I'm jokin 😎)
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    Notepad anyone?
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    I only use sublime for Ruby on Rails, for everything else I use VS Code.

    No idea why I’d don’t use VS Code for Ruby on Rails, I just prefer sublime for it.

    I have toyed with the idea of trying out Vim, but not sure if I’m brave enough.
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    @hugh-mungus I truly use Nano often, because as I manage a small business and I'm the Font-End Programmer I do have to add some lines in my NGinx et Apache2 files and sometime it's faster to use Nano to add these lines and yea create a .sh (If I don't tell shits) file or edit the crontab, pretty useful this Nano. I'm the kind of guy who forget to put a ";" in thr Nginx file and shutdown the whole webserver while restarting the apache and nginx haha.
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    I used to use VSC but switched to spacemacs and 've been happy with it.
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    @Chlodovechus I use vscode mainly but if I need to do some log file analyzing with regex or multi-line regex find and replace then I need sublime as vscode cannot to that. Vscode's regex is quite limited compared to sublime and a request to improve it still open :(
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    vscode is a godsend
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    @webdev Visual studio is an IDE
    But visual studio code isn't. VS Code is a text editor.
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    @HamsterOh lol i know, i'm using it

    if you read carefully i was reacting to a comment, where one of our fellow devranters was comparing vs code to jetbrains IDEs
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