"enter Phone number"
"numbers not allowed"

Finally I have something to rant about.

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    Oh shit! I'm stupider than the haxxor who coded this monstrosity!
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    Seven zero zero six five three one seven three two

    It was a test, you failed 😂
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    The most hidden and awesome captcha ever. @C0D4
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    well … i havent seen that before
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    That's what happens when you hire a developer to do frontend, graphics and backend for $200.
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    Dude, that was not smart.
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    Well I'm suspecting wrong input here like hidden ASCII characters.
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    how to troll your friend:

    1. add his phone number on a site

    2. inject HTML to site with friend phone

    3. take screenshot, upload, and post it on devRant

    4. Profit ++
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    Sending you random Venmo requests and viagra spam texts now kthx.
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    You're suppose to write seven billion, six million, three hundred fifty-one thousand, seven hundred thirty-two
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    Have you tried ascii chars? it could be IND from Mars ;)?
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    I tried twice to delete this post but it wasn't deleted. Now i am hesitant coz it has the most comments on a rant by me ever.
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    @shaji how are you trying to delete it?
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    Why do you want to delete it?
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    @jespersh by performing a magic ritual on ancient Indian burial grounds
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    @PrivateGER coz it has my number.

    Edit: not my number tho. Only a random number for illustrative purposes
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    Everyone got it now anyways, Google cached it already. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Why does international calling still cost so much goddamn money?
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    Wells Fargo had a bug in their transfer form that was like this. “Enter destination account number”

    “Error: numbers not allowed”
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    I'll call you 😂
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    @shaji Truecaller doesn't agree with you... It says it's your number.
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    @yashovardhan99 actually that's my twin brother who has the same name.
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