Coworkers and I go out and do some golfing or batting cage every now and then.

Old friends from school and I talk randomly. On Facebook.

Most of my social life is twitch

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    Do you ever get annoyed by the assload of tourist every June?
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    @Stuxnet tourists? I live in Omaha... I don't see tourists much
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    @demortes the college world series was what I was hinting at lol

    Every game I watched had like 6 or 7 thousand people, and sometimes more
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    @Stuxnet oh I stay away from that part of town... After all... I'm a developer
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    @demortes Yea I've got friends form Charlotte. They stay away from the city when there's a Nascar race lol.

    During football season we're right there in the middle of them. Afterall, it's acceptable to get absolutely hammered are 11:00 in the morning on football game days 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️
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