Unpopular opinion: I like JavaScript.

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    @AlexDeLarge I’ve got to the point I no longer care about the diluted eco system.
    If you need to use a ridiculous amount of ‘plugins’ and frameworks to achieve something simply then you’re developing wrong and you should be hit over the head with an iron.

    That being said I do love me some Node/Vue.
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    That's quite the popular opinion
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    That's in random section
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    It’s useful yeah
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    I don’t really like how js seems to be misused, but having to learn react native is kinda interesting and mind slightly change my mind
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    JavaScript is my only source of revenue
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    @A-C-E I used react native for a while then moved on to VUE, nothing against it just VUE feels more natural to me
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    @forE not sure why I’m asking cuz I can’t change at this point, but can Vue compile to native applications?

    I really should learn more about JS because it’s like the trend now but I sorta don’t want to because of my (slowly eroding) belief that JS belongs in the browser for enhancing frontend functionality
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    @A-C-E as far as I know it can, I’ve only recently picked it up and my primary role is web dev so you’d be best off googling it or asking someone more experienced
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    @A-C-E just to confirm you can
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    I do love JS as well, but only when it was previously transpiled from TypeScript.
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