Dev confession.
Everybody in my department thinks I am a genius programmer.
I am just a better googler who knows how to apply things.

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    Biggest differences between a junior developer and a senior developer: a senior knows how to apply bad documentation and connect distributed applications.
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    In general if a developer gets the BASICS right, programming language is no longer a barrier.
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    So far as PROgramming, I'm about 98% self taught.. so this really speaks to me, because google is my professor. Effectively wielding google search queries to find solutions to problems is vital.

    I've always thought, "the most valuable skill to learn is how to learn." -- quote: @rozzzly

    If you can't figure something out without doing practice problems from a textbook--in the real world--you're fucked. This is what separates the devs from the scrubs with a B.S. in Computer Science.
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    @rozzzly you are goddamn right!
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    All my programming skills come from knowing Google and being dedicated.
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    @rozzzly pretty sure someone must have already said that.
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    Read about the impostor syndrome, many programmers feel unnecessarily inadequate
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    Actually is far better to be a good googler than to be a good programmer. if you know how to search and you can understand what you find, you can do ANYTHING that a human can do.
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    @superuser Imagine living 30+ years ago. If you had a question, you had to go to the fucking library.

    I'm pissed if I can't get my explanations/answers in less then 15 seconds. #90sKidsProblems
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    Make a test, turn off internet and look who stops working
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    isn't that just all the same thing on some days?
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    That's exactly why google hiring process only ask you to googleing....

    How stupid you are thinking all you need is google without any background to be a good developer?
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