Look at the comment... Kind of support I needed a few hours before my AI exam

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    Ahaha! Good luck, I wish you the best!
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    heroes don't always wear capes
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    @bigworld12 correct! Their ducks normally do!
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    You da real mvp
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    That's a lot of tabs.
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    Hey @gigantorex I've started a topic on how to arrange tabs and other stuff. (especially because I'm so clumbsy I can't use something like bookmarks).

    Look at Toby, Works better with Chrome, But I still find it practical in firefox.

    Basically when I want to arrange a collection of tabs, I put all that's in a single Firefox window, save them as a session, name it, close them, reopen them where I wanted it, and it's there to call, one tab at a time or the entire session.
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    good to know another shortcut I didn't know.

    but I still prefer the old version, print screen, plus Ms Paint classic, cut the area I want, and I get exactly what I wanted to show.

    For anyone with two monitors screenshot function sucks, unless you're showing what you have in your screens.

    yesterday I was arranging and checking old web pages in my smart lock passwords, using a Firefox window to save tabs, like in categories, and I ended up with 2 screens, each divided by 4 (4 firefox windows open in each), two more in the background lol that would be a cool screenshot
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    Ain't nobody got time for that @AlexByJava
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    The reason why i open so many tabs is i think that the one of those opened links is bound to be helpfull in the distant future ... By the way i use a a. Extension called session buddy which helps me manage them just in case@GyroGearloose
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    Another one on win 10 is Windows key + w@AlexByJava
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