After 3 months and around 5 projects at my new job, I've finally come to the realisation that the developer in charge and I disagree on everything, all tech stack/browser compatibility decisions are made completely blindly and no matter what, the lead (full stack) dev refuses to take any of my frontend expertise/knowledge on board.

how did a startup become this rigid and terrible?

I already want to quit.

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    Learn as much as you can. Even working with someone like that is a learning experience. Look for a better opportunity but do not quit until you have a new job. Getting a job is much easier when you have a job. Thoughts?
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    Agree with @Jumpshot44. Learn as much as possible. I started at a startup two months ago. And I'm discovering all sorts of drama as I'm going along. My analysis of the situation is that, highly motivated, opinionated and autonomous people join startups. There's bound to be sparks flying about. Which also makes it a great experience to learn people management.
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