Internet has been saved in Europe... for now...

EU Parliament voted against the new Copyright directive.



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    @Condor It was pretty close voting IMO.

    278 in favor / 318 against / 31 abstentions.
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    @Condor I really think so. Politicians sometimes (if not all the times) work cluelessly in favor of groups. Not always majorities and certainly not always the correct groups. And when it's not plain ignorance then it's other interests playing their cards. It's stupid.

    And I agree with you on copypasting being a plague but it does (as you mention) help spreading content. While I don't think I mind seeing the same thing in several places, I really hate when I see no credit to the creator, or even worse when I see it being purposely cropped/deleted.

    Again, this new regulation is certainly not the way to go.
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    i literally choked on my drink a little. this is GREAT NEWS :D
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    Faith in democracy restored
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    memes won
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    @Condor Modern politics has a lot of professional politicians who don't care about reality and only vote based on perceived impact on their electability or bribery in some form. A lot of seemingly out of touch political ideas come from this sad political reality.

    A case from my current home state (US person here): a candidate for state Senate proposed "reading centers" for promoting literacy. People were quick to remind him that libraries are a thing, but I suspect he knew that it's easier to get funding for a new program than try to fix/increase funding for an existing one.
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    If something wrong can happen, it will happen.
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    If the past is any guide to the future, this just means they will keep re-submitting the bill in one form or another until it passes. Eternal vigilance is the cost of freedom.

    I don't know what the rules on this are like in the EU, but in the USA when an unpopular bill like this fails, some jackass attaches it to some other bill while no one is looking, so it can get passed in the dead of night.
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    Fuck yeah, our memes are saved 🎉
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    mmx for president
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    @RantSomeWhere Yeah... that's the "for now" part :|
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    @Condor hey dude, did you deleted a lot of comments?
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    @antorqs I recently deleted my account, which includes rants, comments and upvotes.. asked dfox whether it's possible to recover, but apparently it isn't...
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    @Condor Oh I see. I was just curious. May I ask what happened? Was it on purpose or a mistake?
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    @antorqs A little bit of both really. I was very unhappy about certain things in which the current community has shifted from when I joined last year, and to some extent still am. But also I was drunk at the time and pressed a button that I really shouldn't.. don't drink and root, and that "delete account" button really needs a sudo requirement! :')
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    @Condor I get it. Welcome back then my friend!

    So in like two days you got 2K ++s? (Sorry if I'm being a pita, I'm just really curious.)
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    @antorqs this community is amazing 😍 they gave me an amazing headstart with tons of ++ floods 😁
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    What to do now as the next step? Should we continue to spam them with feedback so that the next proposed versions gets better? Or do they all already know what to do and 49% just can't be convinced because they receive too much lobby money?
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