I want to switch over to Linux again, Windows just annoys me a lot lately. Thing is, I don't know what distro I wanna use yet.
I want one that is:
0. Security focused, so encryption, VPN and so on. (I know software could do the job, but would be nice if it comes with the OS)
1. Not hard to configure, but I should be able to configure it more when I want to.
2. Not too ulgy looking.

I have a little bit of experience with Linux, but I'm not even close a professional.
Looking forward to your suggestions!

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    I can recommend Pop!_OS, it is based on Ubuntu, is developer focused and supports full HDD encryption on install.
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    If your not very familiar with linux you should go for an Ubuntu based distro. They all come with the option to encrypt HDD on install. And about look you have to decide by yourself. I'm a fan of the cinnamon edition of mint
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    I'd say go with a regular distro and customize it, as you wish.

    An example setup of mine, that should meet your requirements would be :

    -Ubuntu with Gnome, Mate or XFCE
    -Tor and nyx
    -UFW + GUFW

    You can also take a look at SubgraphOS and Parrot-Linux.
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    @LordLazy That's not entirely true. Ubuntu does not provide easy HDD encryption. It just encrypts your /home directory.
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    @sudorm-rf If I remember correctly on install you can choose between full disk and /home encryption 🤔
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    @LordLazy I only remember the "Encrypt my home directory" checkbox and I can't remember an option for full HDD encryption
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    I do believe that you could achieve basic privacy/security on any distribution, that being said, I would recommend the following:

    - Debian for fairly easy distro and a good community (you'll get all the information you need)

    - Arch for full customisation and the latest updates (harder, but still tons of documentation)

    - Qubes OS for a super secure one (it will be harder, but that's a trade off for better security/privacy)
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    You should even be able to use both.
    Before starting the install, you can choose luks-encryption for your system,
    While creating a new user for your new system, you can activate ecryptfs for him.
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    @LordLazy thanks! Didn't know that... :)
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    @sudorm-rf @LordLazy is right. Hdd encryption options have been built in for a long time now :)
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    @sudorm-rf @LordLazy is right. Hdd encryption options have been built in for a long time now :)
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