Making CZenter, a secure entertainment system by me, for me hosted from my home.

(I wish I can finish it.)
*CZ = cozy

Bottom pic written with CZedit

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    Hey! Hook a brother up over here, I need a decent alternative to Micro editor when u finish!
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    Sounds interesting..
    Want to put on Github?
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    @marci010101 @dufferz


    When things get sorted out (will never happen, but whatever)
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    @dufferz if you mean micro editor , this, umm i think i will disappoint you

    It is just a MS notepad with cool font, dark theme and a compiler
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    Im working on similar items. I already finished my private nextcloud build. Currently working on a music platform (youtube included) and i had a thing planned for a own ide/editor. Awesome that people have similar ideas
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