customer who didn't paid for 3 months: why is our server down?

me: server?. what server?.

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    "Oh you did not pay so I assumed that you did not want it anymore so I purged it"
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    Scaleway purged my server because my credit card bounced three months in a row. For some reason my bank decided that the company that had been charging $3 to my account every month for the last six months was suspicious and didn't tell me. So, when I kept telling Scaleway to try charging again, they acted like it was fine, but really, it wasn't.
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    *scripts DROP DATABASE on service payments due for longer than 14d*
    *goes deservedly to hell*
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    @Archang3l actually, based on the agencies I talked to, regardless of contracts, most companies still pay late. Agencies/Contractors tend to not go sue these clients just because word of mouth matters. And if a client talks bad about you.. Well, you're most likely doomed.
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    @Archang3l terms and agreement includes "the company reserves the rights to decline the services provided by the company 45 days after the set due date on the contract signed by both parties and purge all the data used and stored by the service after 90 days of failed payment."
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