I work in a small scale company based on Kolkata, India. It's my first job and I have been working here for last 6 and half years. Now I am the technical lead there.

I love my job. I love taking new challenges which I need to solve on my own (most of the times). My working hours are 9am to 6pm. Hardly I have to stay late at office. Even if I have any client meeting after 6, I do it from home. I am never tired on Mondays, I love to join my office. I can do my personal projects after reaching home, sometimes even in the office. All these goods come with a small price, I get less salary than my friends who are working on the MNCs (e.g. IBM, TCS, HP etc). They are frustrated though, with their jobs, with their bosses, with the long working hours. I am not. Sometimes I feel bad that I earn less. But that feeling doesn't stay much longer. It goes away whenever I join the office and get a new thing to do.

I have rejected offers from many companies. That includes all the major MNCs working in India. I feel bad about that sometimes, just like currently I am feeling. One my friend (a really bad developer) is roaming in the New York city, he is there for an onsite project. I know I can't go their, at least now. And that feels bad.

What should I do? Does it make me an idiot to stay in a company for more than 6 years? Should I switch and join an MNC like everyone does? I am confused. Pretty confused.

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    Go and try new companies new experiences. The small companies and small prices still there for everyone. Good luck.
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    I guess a change in job would be good its not necessarily has to be joining a MNC . U like challenges right then this is might a good one .
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    Seems like you are in a proper place. With a nice working environment. Nevertheless you can ask for a raise, but what I'm guessing is that you got a LOT less pay then the others.

    There are no hard feelings from both sides if you ask for a raise. And you give a small reminder of the great work you do for the company. A little heads up to do what you do and to keep doing it.

    On the other hand if you want to travel and visit other countries. With a high demanding job. Be sure you are ready to take a leap.

    From my humble point of view I would stick to the company and ask for a pay raise. If you won't get it, in a decent amount of time, you should think about going to one of the big companies with opportunities.

    (It's not all that bad in a big company if you finish your work properly and strive for perfection in what you do.)
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    No matter how good you are, you are always replaceable. Don't get too attached to a company or a job, if you wanna grow, u know what to do.
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    Are you under a contact? If not, you have the power. And you're the tech lead. Be honest, if you left today, how fucked would your company be? How much knowledge would leave with you? Are you getting offered better packages by other companies? If so, other companies think you're more valuable. Even if you feel this way about your job, management doesn't know any better than compensation in the form of money.
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    you always regret things that you didn't do
    go for it
    you can always come back of you wanted to
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    Like @tinybyte says. I think by the fact that you ask the question, you know what you need to do.

    Go read Jeff Bezos letter to shareholders about decision velocity. He makes a good point about decisions mostly being a two way door.

    Best of luck in whatever you do.
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    Thanks everyone for your comments. I apologise for the fact that I can't reply everyone personally.

    Now, here are few things I need to mention.

    1. I get about 30%-40% less from the MNCs in terms of the CTC. That includes all their variables (which can go upto 20-25% of the CTC in India). So my take home salary is not that less than theirs. The difference may be 10-15%. I get incentives which my company doesn't include in the CTC.

    2. I don't love my company. I love the nature of my job. I get to do real development here. I can design a project from the scratch, decide the tools to use, decide the team members, and get it developed. Sometimes I need help from our technical director, but that's not always.

    3. I have worked on asp.net, python, Java, C++, jQuery, AngularJS 1 & 2+, Cordova, Xamarin.. in past 6 years. My friends working at the other companies would never have this opportunity. With such technical knowledge, I can easily open my own startup if I have money.
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    @1989 can I somehow keep in contact with you? I personally feel that only people like you can help me to build something which I have been planning for years. Right now I don't have any plans, but I may have in future and I would need help from people who love technologies.
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